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Bhg Wooden Lid Water Filter Pitcher 30 Cup Series, BPA-Free White


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Brand:Better Homes & Gardens


Better Homes & Gardens Water Filter Pitcher 30 Cup Series,Wooden Lid BPA-Free plastic water pitcher, LCD Timer Indicator, Make your drinking water cleaner, healthier and tastier by regularly changing Better Homes & Gardens replacement filters. This replacement filter reduces chlorine taste and odour. It's easy to install. Use it for up to two months or 40 gallons. This BHG water filter pitcher can fit the BRITA filter. With NSF42&53 Certificate.
Better Home & Gardens Filter Pitcher 30 Cup Series, Wooden Lid BPA-free plastic water pitcher
BPA-free plastic Water Filter Pitcher with a universal water filter
With coconut activated carbon and Ion exchange resin reduce the contaminants in tap water.
30 CUP water filter pitcher, suitable for family use.
Filter lifetime is 2 months (40 Gallons)
Preparing the water filter cartridge
Soak the filter cartridge upright in cold water for 10 minutes.
Rinse the filter cartridge under running water for 10 seconds and insert the cartridge gently into the funnel opening of the water filter pitcher.
Fitting into the filter into the inner vessel
Place the inner vessel back into the filter pitcher ensuring the tallest part is facing towards the front.
Fit the filter cartridge into the inner vessel, pressing it down to ensure a tight seal.
Put the lid back onto the pitcher
Fill the inner vessel with cold water and let water pass through the filter. Discard the water and repeat the process once more.
Fill the inner vessel for a third time; your filter pitcher is now ready for use
For best results
To prevent the filter from drying out, keep the water level high enough so the bottom of the filter is immersed at all times. If the filter has not been in contact with water for more than 48 hours re-soak it for 10 minutes and then reinstall it.
Store the filter pitcher in the refrigerator or a cool location, out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.
In the event of the filtered water not being used for more than 48 hours, we recommend that the water is discarded and the filter pitcher re-fill with fresh water.

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Bhg Wooden Lid Water Filter Pitcher 30 Cup Series, BPA-Free White
Bhg Wooden Lid Water Filter Pitcher 30 Cup Series, BPA-Free White
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